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This is the online web gallery of Venusian Gardens, a fine art gallery of luminous art and sculpture, located near the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Venusian Gardens art gallery specializes in luminous art and sculpture, exhibiting art works incorporating glass, neon and metal in modern and contemporary abstract sculpture, landscape art, wall art and also a unique approach to space art. Featuring local artist and sculptor, Eric Ehlenberger, as well as other American artists, Venusian Gardens is a unique gallery with a unique presentation of artwork.

The Venusian Gardens exhibition space is an extensively renovated historic building located in the Faubourg Marigny Historical District immediately adjacent to the French Quarter (Vieux Carre). Originally built in 1854 as a Methodist Episcopal Church and constructed in the Greek Revival style, the gallery features a soaring thirty foot high cathedral ceiling in the original cypress along with expansive, original red pine hardwood floors.

At the heart of the gallery is the "Venusian Gardens" art installation, a large human-scale diorama featuring the exotic, luminous flora and fauna of Ehlenberger's fantasy Venusian world, including his well-known luminous glass and neon Jellyfish and Venusian Swamp Gardens. This modern approach to the art of the diorama, a sculptural walk-through "garden," offers a unique development in the contemporary world of landscape art and glass sculpture. From neon and glass "swamp flowers" that can be hand-picked by the visitor to take home, to the luminous uranium glass "Venusian rocks" strewn about the fantasy Venusian landscape, this environmental art installation is unlike anything seen before.

In addition to the Venusian Garden installation, there is also a formal fine art gallery with changing exhibitions featuring works of varied styles and character from Constructivist sculpture to abstract expressionist wall art to "neo-antique" wall sconces that combine antique glass and neon in an exciting new fusion. A luminous fine photography exhibition is also on display, featuring varied photographers' expressions of trans-illuminated photo-images. There are also plans for future events presenting performance artists featuring modern dance to aerial trapeze.

Venusian Gardens is a very special and exciting new venue and is available for rent for special events, perfect for hosting a special gathering, celebrating a wedding or having an exotic and memorable party. Please explore the pages that follow and immerse yourself in this wonderful world of luminous art and sculpture.

Venusian Gardens
2601 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 943-7446


This web site is an up-to-date resource for sculpture
currently on display at Venusian Gardens art gallery only

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