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Venusian Gardens


Venusian Gardens

Venusian Gardens is a newly renovated 150 year-old historic church in New Orleans that serves as an art gallery upstairs and an art studio downstairs.

Ground Floor
Occupying the ground floor of the building is glassLight Studio, a functioning neon and hot glass studio. This is where the artist, Eric Ehlenberger, blows and processes the neon tubing incorporated into his art work as well as where the aluminum for his sculpture is cut, shaped and brushed. The assembly and photography of the sculpture is accomplished here. The studio space is quite spacious and individual and group tours are available as are demonstrations of how the neon is shaped and processed. In addition to housing glassLight studio, the ground floor is also the home for glassLight Inc., the parent company for Venusian Gardens Art Gallery upstairs, glassLight Art Gallery (a small gallery located in the French Quarter). and also the glassLight satellite art gallery hosted by the Arts Bed and Breakfast, three blocks from Venusian Gardens.

Second Floor
The second floor houses the Venusian Gardens Art Gallery. The art gallery is divided into two separate but adjoining spaces: a large Venusian Garden art installation and a more formally composed exhibition space for art and sculpture not necessarily related to the theme of the Venusian Garden art installation. Also on the second floor is a catering kitchen and two restrooms providing convenience for the many special events taking place at Venusian Gardens. Plans to expand the exhibition space into the third and fourth floor are in the making.

Event Rental
Venusian Gardens has been designed to accommodate large groups of people for special events including art openings and performance art. We anticipate hosting many unique events for the appreciation of the visual and performing arts. In addition, Venusian Gardens is available as a venue for rental for events including corporate parties, weddings and other special events.