New Orleans art gallery exhibition of neon sculpture and neon art installations including modern contemporary artwork, sconces and neon clocks
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The Venusian World

TheVenusian Gardens
a fantasy gallery of luminous art and sculpture

GlassLight Studio and Gallery announces the purchase of a new space for the development of a new art gallery featuring the luminous artwork of sculptor Eric Ehlenberger. The new space, now commonly known as the "Addco Building." is located at 2601 Chartres at the intersection of Franklin Ave. in the Faubourg Marigny Historical District in New Orleans. Originally built in 1854 as a Methodist Episcopal Church, the exterior of this dignified, historic building is constructed in the Greek Revival style and has undergone several changes since its inception.

Once again undergoing extensive renovations, the exhibition space is tentatively scheduled to open in September 2003. In addition to the gallery, which will occupy the second and third floors of this spacious building, the ground floor will be the new home of glassLight studio where the neon, glass and metal sculptures of the artist will be produced.

The new venue, to be called "Venusian Gardens," will be a unique fantasy gallery of luminous art and sculpture. Displaying the artist's imaginative vision of the planet Venus, the exhibition space will house large scale dioramas featuring the flora and fauna of his fantasy Venusian world, including his well-known luminous glass and neon Jellyfish and Venusian Swamp Gardens.

In addition, a variety of neon and fiber optic installations as well as individual abstract and representational art works will be displayed, including a new luminous photography gallery. Eric Ehlenberger is a local luminous artist working in neon, glass and metal. Since he first started producing his art work almost 20 years ago, his original sculptures have found there way into homes and businesses throughout the world.