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Venusian Gardens

Swamp Botanica

Integral to Ehlenberger's interpretation of his "Venusian World" and "Venusian Gardens," are the many, varied botanica that make up his Venusian plant world. The lyrical glass and neon elements offer a whimsical, fun manifestation of his art.

The Botanica of the Venusian Gardens are composed of blown glass structural elements combined with characteristic neon elements to create a unique, luminous entity - found only in Ehlenberger's Venusian World!

Each of the botanica offer interchangeable elements and are designed to be compatible with a variety of bases and garden structures to allow for a wide variety of sculptural interpretation.

The list of "species" of Swamp Botanica in Ehlenberger's world is constantly growing as new plants are "discovered." Please check back often for new work!

Swamp Jax Series

Swamp Lotus Series

photo coming!

Bog Jax Series

Clamora Series

The Venusian World:


sculptures from the Venusian World

sculpture components

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