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Venusian Gardens

tours and demonstrations

Venusian Gardens and glassLight studio offer art tours and sculpture demonstrations that are both fascinating and educational. The tours include engaging technical demonstrations in the sculpture studio as well as entertaining and insightful discussions while viewing the art gallery, all catered to meet specific audience needs.

Tours of the sculpture studio include demonstrations of neon tube bending and processing along with informative explanations of what makes neon tubes light up and how different neon colors are achieved. Visitors are provided close-up views of neon tubes being shaped and formed including special techniques developed by the artist and incorporated into his sculpture.

In addition to neon, visitors are also offered demonstrations of lampworking, a traditional technique of forming hot glass by hand over a desktop torch. The lampworkers at glassLight studio provide a captivating and delightful look into this age-old art of glass production. Additional aspects of the studio tour include high-voltage demonstrations, kiln glass forming and other perspectives of luminous sculpture production. Tours of the art studio are available by appointment for groups of up to thirty people.

Tours of the Venusian Gardens Art Gallery are provided by the artists and staff and include discussions of the history of neon and the use of light as a medium in the world of fine art. Highlights of the gallery tour include the artist's insights into the work on display with emphasis on both the technical as well as the aesthetic aspects of the work.

Visitors to Venusian Gardens and glassLight gallery are provided with an informative and stimulating overview of contemporary luminous sculpture that is guaranteed to be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Lectures on contemporary neon art and workshops on the design and construction of neon lighting and sculpture are available for professionals, artists and laymen. Unfortunately, Ehlenberger does not have the time to teach full courses in neon bending

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