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Venusian Gardens

The Venusian World

Swamp & Rock Garden Bases

"Venusian Swamp Garden I" sculpture, exhibited in this New Orleans art gallery exhibition of neon sculpture and neon art installations
mahogany pedestal base
36" x 18" x 12"

mahogany pedestal base
18 " x 18" x 12"

The bases for the Swamp Gardens and Rock Gardens are essentially interchangeable with the difference between the two dependent upon the choice of a bed of black stones (Rock Garden) or underlit glass (Swamp Garden).

The bases are designed with single or multiple pyrex housings to accomodate a variety of configurations of Garden elements and offer a great flexibility in design.

With multiple sizes, shapes and materials available for custom bases, there is no "standard" base, each chosen by the artist based on the specific application.