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Marsh Bed Bases


Venusian Marsh Garden 1+2
96" x 48," height variable
illustrating two Marsh Bed bases side by side

The aluminum Venusian Marsh Bed base is characterized by its finger-like projections giving it a marsh-like organic shape. Sizes vary from 18" in diameter to greater than 8 feet in diameter and can be flat or curved to support single or multiple sculptural elements.

The Marsh Beds can also be designed to interlock with one another to allow for limitless sizing and growth. For example, the Venusian Marsh Garden 1+2 as seen above is actually two Marsh Gardens (1and 2) installed side-by-side.. If you look carefully at the photo above (or click on the photo for a larger image), you will see a straight line separating the top two-thirds of the the metal from the botton one-third of the metal. As such, it separates into two independent Marsh Gardens (1 and 2), each with a 48" straight edge which allows for each part to install against a wall individually or to be joined together as one (as shown above).

Similar to the Venusian Swamp and Rock Gardens, the Marshbed base allows for the independent installation of multiple, interchangeable elements from the Venusian World sculpture. This includes many different varieties of Venusian Botanica such as the Swamp Flowers, Swamp Lotus, Bog Jax, Bog Grass, Bog Reeds, Flora Allura, Flora Helica, Clamora, Ocean Grass and others.


a Swamp Lotus mounted on a curved Marshbed base

a small Marshbed base under construction