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Venusian Gardens

"the most unique venue in New Orleans"


New Orleans event hall rental wedding receptions
photos courtesy of George H. Long

Many things have been said about the cuisine of New Orleans. Among all of those descriptive phrases, never has it been said to be boring. New Orleans prides itself on the diversity and the excellent quality of the foods served in our restaurants and homes. At Venusian Gardens we work with many of the excellent local caterers to provide all of your catering needs.

New Orleans event hall rental wedding receptions

Of course, Cajun and Creole dishes top the list. Cajun cooking with its hot, seductive spices is always a favorite whether you are a local or a visitor to our city. Creole cooking is a bit less spicy, having derived from French cuisine but is equally enticing in its exceptional use of local seafood and traditional sauces and seasonings. Here too you will be able to enjoy regional American cooking as well as the cuisine of many other countries to tantalize and satisfy your palate.

Desserts are always the crown on a meal and we can help you select a delicacy that will tempt you and your guests. Whether you are looking for the exotic or just Mom’s Apple Pie, your sweet tooth will know it too has had a treat.

New Orleans event hall rental wedding receptions

The choice of cuisine is yours: whether it is hors d' oeuvres or a full scale dinner. Let us know your preferences and we will advise you as to caterers that can devise a menu tailor-made for your event. We are at your service.

New Orleans event hall rental wedding receptions



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