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Venusian Gardens

Sculpture Overview

Venusian World Triptych

On display at Venusian Gardens are a large number of sculptures in a range of styles, mostly by the artist, Eric Ehlenberger, but other sculptor's works are commonly displayed as well, including group exhibitions by other artists working in luminous media. Most of the sculpture is abstract but it is expressed in a variety of styles ranging from Constructivist to Abstract Expressionism. There is also a large body of work that could be described as "Fantasy Representational," including Ehlenberger's Venusian World sculptures and the luminous Jellyfish for which he is best known.

This web site presents work organized by type (wall, hanging, free-standing) as well as by style and also includes a range of interior design elements such as contemporary sconces, clocks, tables and bathroom interiors. See the table of contents on the left for links to guide you to specific areas of interest.

For a comprehensive look at the entire ouevre of Ehlenberger, see

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